Can the World Exist Without Money?

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life without money

Can the World Exist Without Money?

Have you ever asked yourself how would be living a life without money? Is there any life plan available that can tell how to live a life with no income available? Can we live without money? Well, these are some tricky questions to ask oneself. Well living a life without money is a personal choice and depends from person to person.

Living a life with no money possibly offers many benefits like no stress over financial concerns, living a purposeful life, increasing your understanding and appreciation of what you have, no greediness, having good control over your wants, no tension of paying unnecessary bills, and expenses and reduction of wastefulness in your life. Well living a life without money cannot be fully possible in today’s time when you cannot get anything for free and you need to have money to enjoy the necessities of life. But by curbing your expenses and living a simple life, you can still able to enjoy your life in a more meaningful and peaceful way. 

Reducing your expenses is the first and foremost rule that you need to follow before considering living without money. Living life without money can be a life-changing challenge, which is not at all easy. You need to curb all expenses on your needs and desires if you would like to see if you can able to live a cash-free life. 

Ways to save money on daily expenses

  • Live in an area where walking or biking is more feasible to reach for work. This way you can save a lot on travel expenses. Biking or walking is not just an inexpensive way to commute but it also helps in boosting your fitness. 
  • Try to have control over buying groceries. Start with a week or more. Try to have food that is available in your pantry and fridge to make meals. There are many recipes available online that can help you to create tasty meals from the limited ingredients you have on hand. 
  • Stop spending on entertainment and look for ways for free entertainment like visiting public libraries, going to the park, playing outdoor games, indulging in exercises at home instead of going to the gym, and watching movies at home using the Internet and not cable TV. 

If you are a single person, then the chances of living life without money could be higher, but when you have a family to take care of then you need to have money for several things like arranging necessities for your family members like food, shelter, medical aid, gas, electricity, water, and some small unexpected expenses too. It may not be possible to live without money with family. 

Save as much as you can and invest more in real estate. For some years you will have to work hard towards fulfilling this goal and then you may think of living life without doing any job or business by only depending on the rental income that you may get from the property you own. 

Understanding the fact that what is feasible for you is important when you plan to live a life without money. For that, you need to shift your base from an urban area to the rural one and need to indulge more into organize farming so that you can easily arrange the most important necessities which are food for yourself and your family members. 

The barter system can be another way to have cashless living. If you grow potatoes and other vegetables on your farm then you can exchange some quantity of your good with the neighbor for fruits and other items. Producing your garden will be healthier and cheaper than what you buy in the store. 

Moreover, you can even share your labor and cooperate in a garden space with the neighbors which further helps you to save much on money. This will decrease your workload and will also help in building a great community. 

Well, it is true that you need an initial investment to have your organic farm and may also need to pay the laborers sometimes if you have any. But having said that, you cannot go completely cashless in such modern times today when prices of almost everything keep on increasing. But, it is possible to live a happy and content life with fewer amounts of funds in hand. By setting your priorities straight, diminishing your spending, and managing your living with lesser income in your hands you can surely live develop a life plan to live with lesser money.  

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